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A Podcast with Kingdom Mentor

Theresa is relentless to help you find your voice, share your voice and even market your voice.

She has geared up during this season to help you walk in soul health, no matter what you are having to face today. 

Theresa believes from your restored identity you can take authority over your emotions and be a part of the shift in influence today with a powerful voice fueled by declaration--"fighting words" .

Rest to run. Not simply to survive but thrive.

 Theresa believes God is raising many women to be the true GRIT for today: Generals Releasing Identity Truths. The people who pages in future books will be written about.... How you became a part of the solution for what we are facing today.
To those who want to market their voice:
Theresa is also a Marketing Strategist helping women grow their brand online with the Care Strategy. Theresa shares her own insights as well as interviews with influencers for the Identity Series: Finding Your Voice in the Marketplace, Ministry, or as a Mom.

With over 27 years experience, 12 from online, you have an opportunity to hear authentic inspiration, teaching,  and hope in the Kingdom Mentor Podcast.

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Meet Theresa...

Mentor, Author, Marketing Strategist
I’m Theresa Croft, a Kingdom Mentor, Author and Marketing Strategist.

With over 27 years in media, 12 of those being online, I bring solutions based on a repair, restore, and rebuild process to help women find their voice, share their voice and even market their voice. I do this through the Kingdom Mentor Academy featuring the Redeem Your Voice Camp, with online courses and live teachings. 

My passion is to help women find their voice by repairing their relationship with God resulting in restoration from the drama of the trauma, winning the shame game and walking in clarity from their identity to help them have a solid foundation as an influencer.

I'm also a marketing strategist helping women entrepreneurs grow their brand online with the CARE strategy: Creating CONTENT in AUTHENTICY building RELATIONSHIPS and serving in EXCELLENCE. (Click here to schedule a Blueprint) I'm one of the few coaches who combines an Identity feature alongside the marketing options we provide. Previous clients include Dr. Brian Simmons with the Passion Translation.

I’ve authored Four books on Amazon: Listen To The Vinedresser Volume 1 and 2 and my most recent Book “Secrets To Unlock Your Voice”
For more information on my story and topics to help your listeners, click here to download.
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